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The assessment tests the candidates’ relevant practical competence and skills for a maritime position of interest, based on the customer’s task or job requirements. The Simsea assessment is carried out in a full-scale bridge, engine room or sub sea simulators and measures how well the candidate perform duties and tasks included
• technical skills as well as situational awareness, decision making, teamwork, management, communication.
• understanding of safe and efficient operations, practice in emergency situations, as well as understanding of the equipment’s capabilities and limitations.
• ability to skillfully handle normal and severe conditions, both with systems intact and with system errors.
Practical assessments in Simsea are arranged in the form of strictly planned scenarios which takes the candidate through one or more typical passages or operations. Each passage contains a set of events that are either typical every day operations or crisis events. The events come with a predefined range of action responses on the part of the candidate. These ranges of action responses are objectively defined in advance on performance scales such that specially trained Simsea assessors can score the behavior in the most objective and reliable way.

The result of the assessment is documented in a valid report of the officer’s documented practical skills, graded performance on the main skill areas of the assessment.

The assessment could also include

• theoretical tests to verify relevant “need to know” knowledge and understanding of the domain of expertise, essential for making decisions, recognizing conditions or overseeing consequences of actions
• evaluation of mental abilities, integrity and biographical data and reference check performed by a professional personnel selection agent.

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