DP revalidation criteria for 2020 onward

Below you will find Nautical Institute’s (NI) guidelines as per December 2019 for revalidation of your DP certificate. If you have any questions or are in doubt how these guidelines we recommend you to contact Jenny Daintree in NI for clarification. We also recommend you to get any clarification in writing. Simsea will continue to run revalidation courses and you will find actual dates in our booking system http://sts.simsea.no. You may also contact Lars Gustavsen at +47 913 89 783 for further details.

The Nautical Institute has developed a set of guidelines for those revalidating after the transition period for revalidation finishes on 31st December 2019. These guidelines are to provide information for those who have not yet revalidated their DP Certificate or are due to revalidate for a second time, and the actions required if they wish to revalidate. This guidance particularly applies to:  

DPOs with DP Certificates issued before 2012  
Any DP Certificate issued before 2012 that does not have an expiry date will expire on 31st December 2019.  

DPOs with DP Certificates due for revalidation before 2020  
Any DP Certificate issued after 2012 (and due to expire before 2020) that has not yet been revalidated will also expire on 31st December 2019.  

The following points apply to all DPOs who are revalidating their certificate  

1. DP sea time can only be claimed while a DP Certificate is valid. Time completed after the DP Certificate expires cannot be used towards any revalidation.  

2. A DPO can still apply for their revalidation after the expiry date, however the new certificate will only be valid for a period of five years from the previous certificate expiry date.
3. DPOs may apply after their certificate has expired if they have met the DP sea time requirements for revalidation while their certificate was valid. [This applies to revalidation based on 150 days or more of DP sea time, or revalidation based on less than 150 days of DP sea time, in which case, the person needs to complete the Simulator Course and a minimum of 30 days DP sea time].  

4. If the DPO did not complete the required DP sea time for revalidation before the expiry of the certificate, then the following routes for revalidation are available for DPOs with an expired certificate: Take the Revalidation Course without DP sea time. Standard rules for revalidation with the course still apply.Take the Simulator Course with a minimum of 60 days DP sea time  

5. If a DPO cannot provide any evidence of the DP sea time within the last 10 years, or equivalent occupation or activities as recognised by the NI they will need to repeat their DP training starting with the Basic Course, and complete the training and sea time before a certificate can be issued.

Please see below for example scenarios.
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