We have almost an unlimited access to operational knowledge via our  instructors, our owners and the distinctly maritime region we come from.

Our maritime instructors have recent experience from maritime operations, and some of them are still sailing. Human behavior training is performed by our own Human Factors Specialist with years of experience in maritime challenges.

Our services are prepared by own task teams that consist of customers, experienced mariners and other relevant expertise.

The quality of our services is assured by our continuously improved management system according to ISO 9001-2015 and our accreditors like NMA, DNV-GL, Nautical Institute, Achilles, The Norwegian Coastal Administration and The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. In addition, we have a close cooperation with the University in Bergen, Western Norway University, Kongsberg Digital and Global Maritime.

Our customers and participants in the training sessions have their own in-depth competence. Together we create a effective learning environment. Everybody learns from everybody.

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