Reduce the cost of sub-sea operations …

Picture from our Subsea simulator


In today’s digital world you should test the suggested solutions and procedures before you go offshore. Such tests should be done by onshore and offshore personnel, together. A modern sub-sea simulator park like we have at Simsea, is an excellent arena for testing or even better; a complete dry run of your operation! These full-scale integrated simulators can run most offshore operations and consists of several real ship bridges with DP, engine rooms, offshore crane, WROV, ‘shift supervisor’ desk for coordination of the simulated operations and – the relevant field’s existing infrastructure. In these simulators, the operators have a focus on the solutions, the procedures and the tooling on a quite different level then by getting a presentation in a meeting room: Tooling design and detailed sequence planning for the operations are tested and confirmed; contingency operations and parallel operations are identified. By joint testing of procedures and task plans you will avoid stops in the operations offshore and redesign on deck due to unforeseen challenges.
Building high performance teams
Testing and thorough reviews of solutions and procedures give the team of onshore and offshore personnel the good feeling of professional confidence in the project and in each other. Of course, such confidence is a prerequisite for efficient execution offshore!

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