Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation

We have now developed a course that provides basic knowledge on execution of RCA investigations of marine incidents or casualties for shipping and offshore companies and is according to IMO guidelines for flag State investigation and the Norwegian “Recommended practice for investigations and inquiries into HSE incidents” SfS recommendation 029N.

After completing the course, the participants have acquired knowledge about the different phases in the investigation process from the establishment of an investigation group to the presentation of a completed investigation report to the company’s management.

The content is

– Rules, regulations, guidelines, and recommendations

– Investigation process.

– Accident model.

– Human factors and human errors.

– Investigation team.

– Planning an investigation.

– Collecting facts/evidence.

– Analysis based on methodology.

– Results of the investigation.

– Investigation report.

– Practical exercises.

We offer two ways of delivery:

  1. We offer to deliver the course to individual companies at their premises. Before start-up the participants will have to complete an e-learning session including a test that requires a score of 70 %.
  2. We deliver the course consists of e-learning (approx. one day), a remote, digital session (two days), and a final exam (approx. one hour). The remote, digital session involves that participants will be able to follow on their personal computer/ tablet. They will receive a link to the session via their mail system and we test the set-up well in advance of the start-up. The computer needs to be equipped by a camera, a microphone, and a loudspeaker. And of cause, participants need to be connected to Internet.

Our instructor is Per Aasmundseth, a very experienced safety investigator and analysist. He has worked as expert advisor in maritime incident investigations in close cooperation with shipping companies, law firms and the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board and has in depth insight in their investigation methodology. Per is a retired captain from the Norwegian navy educated at the Norwegian Naval Academy and the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College. He also holds a degree in law. His working experience is from the navy where he inter alia served as submarine captain and project manager for sea trials of Ula class submarines.  After retiring he worked for Norwegian Shipping Security and for more than ten years he was a lecturer for deck cadets at Bergen Maritime College. He has also been an advisor for the Norwegian Maritime Administration in BRM, ECDIS and AIS. In 2013 Per published a book on maritime regulations and business.

If you need more information please contact Per Aasmundseth at telephone 958 68 743 or A Rune Johansen at 909 30 668.

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