Ship to Ship Operations simulator training

Simsea now has over some time arranged a simulator training course in Ship To Ship Operations. The course was developed in close cooperation with Equinor and top range tanker companies. We offer a four-day course with 27 hours (!) in simulator and with an e-learning model covering basic human factor issues.

The purpose of the Ship to Ship (STS) training is to train Pilots or Mooring Masters as well as Captains and Officers in advanced ship maneuvering techniques during STS operations by improving communication and mutual understanding between the Captain of the mother vessel and the Pilot or Mooring Master on the daughter vessel during maneuvering. This is ensured through theory and simulator exercises, and in that way a high level of skills in relation to close quarter STS operations is ensured. During the exercises, the participants will gain skills within ship handling theory and ship-ship interaction and become familiar with the use of operational and safety checklists:

1. Maneuvering during STS operations
2. Forces, rudder and propeller
3. Bow thruster and diverse types of tugs
4. STS operation without tugboats underway including ship/ship interaction
5. Maneuvering in shallow water and under different environmental conditions
6. Shallow water and banking effect
7. Anchoring procedures
8. Emergency response
9. How to secure fenders in a safe way and shifting / sailing with fenders alongside.
10. Selecting fender size, number of fenders as well as strengths and limitations.
11. Mooring arrangement
12. Tanker specific layouts
13. Communication between Masters, Pilots and Mooring Masters
14. Methods of decision making of officer in charge
15. Handling of fatigue and stress
16. Risk assessment and identify possibilities in a critical situation
17. Leadership, cooperation and situation awareness

The course is in accordance with “Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases” [2013] approved by CDI, ICS, OCIMF and SIGTTO.

If desired, we can customize the training to your specific requirements.
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