Special maritime operations

Simulation to secure predictable and safe operations with less NPT

Delivery of special operations requires simulation continuously throughout the project life cycle from tendering to final evaluation. Desktop simulation will often be satisfactory in the early phases for calculations and multi-physics simulation. However, already during detail- and system engineering full scale simulation could be preferable. The most efficient testing of solutions, procedure development and testing, HAZOP and HAZID and not to mention training, is done in full-scale simulators provided the necessary mathematical models. And for distribution and communication purposes, recording of full-scale simulators outperforms other visualization media like animation.
Our customers have in-depth knowledge of concepts, facilities and equipment needed for the operation in question. As customer you may hire our simulators, bring in your own instructors, use your own mathematical models, tools, etc. We take care of all technical, operational and hospitality support.
“A ski jumper doesn’t start the in-run without training on landing; don’t leave the landing of your operations to chance!”
Simsea has a wide range of full-scale Kongsberg simulators; ship bridges (equipped with DP, radio communication, etc.), engine control rooms, high voltage, offshore cranes, ROV control room. We have Clearcom for internal communication, student monitoring and video slave back system. We also have a wide range of simulator models; rigs, anchor handler, CSV, tankers, different fairways, harbors and approaches, subsea equipment and tooling, etc.
In addition, Simsea has in-house expertise in human factors and human behavior embedded in different kinds of maritime and offshore operations.
Some examples of projects we can do in our simulators:

  • Offshore loading from test production
  • Ship to ship operation
  • Operations requiring cooperation between several ships
  • Anchor handling and towing
  • DP drift on/drift off
  • Subsea installation
  • Rig move including anchor handling
  • Harbour and fairway development
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