The ECDIS, the Audit and the Anxiety

Neither general IMO ECDIS courses, nor type specific courses are enough to develop a good situation awareness regarding the use of ECDIS. This is increasingly recognised, and more and more navigating officers receive awareness training for ECDIS.However, even good awareness is not enough in all situations; audits can be an anxiety provoking ordeal for navigational officers, especially when national cultures clash. In the worst cases, the audited officer feels so dominated that they choke up, unable to demonstrate their competence. Much can be gained in empowering these officers with a view to how different cultures build confidence and mastery.Wednesday, I had a seminar with a selection of excellent masters and managers at KGJS on these topics where some very good insights were shared both ways between the mariners and the psychologist. – A good example of union of first-hand experiences and academic theory!

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